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Mike Britten, Chairman:  Mike's love of Italy started when he went to Perugia to study Italian culture, history and poetry at the Universita' per Stranieri. That fuelled a lifetime passion for Italy and its people.  During his days at BAe, he was part of a project team that made frequent visits to OTO-Melara in La Spezia and he became a regular visitor to Le Cinque Terre, Tuscany and Liguria.  And, of course, the Eternal City continues to hold a special fascination.
Robert Walters, Treasurer:  I read Latin and Greek at school and first went to Italy in the sixth form.  I have loved it ever since and been many times.  I can read Italian fluently and read Italian novels but don't speak it except for holiday requirements.   I treat it as another dead language!  But it is a great country for walking and for art.   I have lectured on Etruscan art.

Hilda Ball, Secretary. After my youth at boarding school in France then university in the US. I started learning Spanish, then Italian, having done French and Latin in France, I found it easy. I then lived in for twenty five years in Dubai. where speaking Arabic was a major advantage for work. We travelled widely and often to Italy, reigniting my love for everything Italian. I now work in Bristol an Interpreter for the NHS Trust and started learning Italian about a year ago. I love the Veneto region, and I find the Italian Art, architecture and their culture in general most interesting.

David Bruce, webadjuster  Programme Secretary.  David lectured at UWE, Bristol in Tourism  and researches the effects of tourism on historic (walled) towns. The Veneto and Tuscany afford many examples. I have also studied 19th Century tourists and the guidebooks to Italy, like those of Mariana Starke, Baedeker and Murray, which informed (and misled) them. His father was born in Florence into the British community living in Tuscany before the Great War. He is a frequent visitor to Italy usually by train, sometimes even by bicycle.

Christine Moore