25th Programme 2018- 2019

Meetings were held at Westbury Fields Retirement Village, every second Tuesday evening in the month from October to May 

Past meetings

Tuesday 9th October
Robert Walters on Zeus (aka Jupiter), his family and friends.

How Renaissance art (mainly Italian) interpreted the classical literature and stories.

Almost no vice omitted !

Tuesday 13th November
David Norris on the Splendour of Roman Wall Painting

Among the most fascinating sights of Italy are wall paintings from the civilization of ancient Rome that survive at Pompeii and elsewhere.  The talk will discuss some of the most interesting, with scenes rich in fabulous details of imagined architecture, religious ritual, lush gardens and stories from Greek literature.

(Wednesday 14th November – in Cheltenham – Venice Opera Special:  £10.00 book direct www. Italian.cheltenhamitaliansociety.org.uk)

WEDNESDAY 28th November
Christmas celebration at an Italian Restaurant. Details and booking to follow by email

Tuesday 11th December
FILM nightAn Italian Themed film Enchanted April film with a glass of wine, Panettoni etcetera - details to be confirmed.

Tuesday 8th January
Paul Foss on Maria Malibran –the very first super-star?
A talk about a very interesting woman -  an early nineteenth century singer who can probably take the accurate accolade of being the very first super-star.   Nothing very Italian about her, except that she used the language, but she led an interesting, if rather short, life (With musical and visual illustration)

Gordon Young – Dickens, Ruskin and, in contrast, a Futurist: visions of Venice in three short impactful films

Dickens journal illustrated with contemporary images; Ruskin’s love affair with the city and his dysfunctional marriage; Filippo Marinetti’s modernist visions of a commercial and industrial not a romantic, tourist Venice

unfortunately Dr Simon Stoddart of Cambridge University
Archaeologist and one of the original founders of the BA-IC in 1994 can no longer visit us this year
a date for your diary Thursday 7th March - 7.30 pm

Bristol University free Winter Lecture: Mantegna and Bellini – family and rivalry in the Renaissance with the Director of the National Gallery Gabriele Finaldi at 12 Priory Rd Complex, off Woodland Rd

 No need to book but arrive by 7.15pm
and Tuesday 12th March 
David Bruce on English (and Scots) settlers in Italy before 1914
Babington's Tea Rooms is still serving Earl Grey and tea cakes at the foot of the Spanish steps in Rome. How  the founding settlers made their lives in Tuscany and Italy will be explored with unpublished letters and photos.  

Tuesday 8th April
Rob Andrews on Messina and Sicily - family history

MONDAY 15th April Hilda Ball and David Bruce arranged a Day trip to Wells with Italian lunch
(details  confirmed by email and via the website)

Tuesday 14th May

Jonathan Camp on Giotto: The Lamentation of Christ  

One of Giotto's most celebrated works,  a fresco in the Arena Chapel, Padua. The art historian will examine Giotto's composition, style and technique,  before going on to discuss how we might interpret the fresco in the context of medieval Italy, and how Giotto's fascination with human emotion established a western art tradition.

Saturday 1st June
 Annual Italian-style Lunch and AGM  held this year at Melita's house Westbury-on-Trym in her lovely garden.

Opera Relay in Millennium Square
The Marriage of Figaro